Personal and Professional Soft Skills Development for Life

SkillBott™ is the first online curriculum that teaches the soft skills people need to be successful in their careers, with the attributes, behaviours and values that employers want in new employees. These include personal and professional skills that people will use for the rest of their lives.

With SkillBott™, learners can explore their personal interests, values and skills that lead to dozens of career paths. They’ll improve their social and work competencies by learning personal maturity and professional conduct behaviours through experiential lessons that focus on job readiness, job attainment and job retention.

SkillBott™ is the essential starting point for developing a fruitful career pathway. In a contemporary, interactive and engaging way, SkillBott™ covers 75 personal and professional skills in six main categories:

  • On-the-Job Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Job Finding Skills
  • Self-Improvement Skills
  • Social Media & Internet Skills

By the end of the program, your learners will understand what will be expected of them when they enter the workforce and will be a step ahead of their peers.


A recent study by Leadership IQ for Forbes Magazine found 46% of all first time hires lost their job in their first 18 months of employment: 11% from a lack of business skills, 89% from soft skill deficiencies.



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