ESPORT® – the Essential Skills Portfolio – is an easy to use, Web-based solution that enhances the ability of employment organizations and professionals to help adults gain the skills they need to find and keep employment. Developed in Canada, it provides tools and resources for entry level job seekers with little or no employment experience and for people who are transitioning to new jobs or careers.

ESPORT’s® Interest Inventory helps job seekers identify and explore occupations that are a good match for their vocational interests and personalities, and investigate labour market opportunities in their chosen fields. Integrated Essential Skill assessments compare job seekers’ skill levels to the skills required for their occupations of interest, and identify skills gaps that should be addressed. In portfolio development, ESPORT® helps job seekers document education, skills and prior life and work experience to demonstrate how they align with those required for their occupation of choice.  Then to complete the process, it produces a résumé and cover letter for the job ready candidate.

Our flexible employment preparation solution gives program leaders and facilitators the tools they need to manage the progress of diverse individuals in a group setting while optimizing communication and reporting at all levels.



The most important factor explaining the difference in economic growth between countries is the relative level of skills of their workforces.


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“The great thing about ESPORT is it helps people target a goal then gives them a plan with a starting point and an end point and all the steps in between… It’s unique for clients to be able to isolate the skills they need to upgrade for their desired job. There’s no extraneous information involved.”

Jillian Cummings, Program Facilitator,
First Nations Employment Society