Employment Readiness Scale

The Employment Readiness Scale™ (ERS) offers a unique combination of benefits to individuals, agencies and sponsors of career and employment services.

Its online assessment, planning, evaluation and reporting tools are designed to provide quick, comprehensive initial and on-going assessments of employment readiness, offering clients and their counsellors a detailed feedback report of their strengths and challenges as well as an action planning tool. ERS’s multiple retake feature increases client motivation by showing improvements gained over time. Roll-up reports, with real-time data, help counsellors and organizations identify the programs clients need, document client improvement and assess the effectiveness of interventions. This roll-up capability provides full and inclusive input for program planning and accountability reporting. 

Additionally, organizations looking for resources to address needs identified by ERS’s assessment outcomes can use  SkillBott™ Life Skills for Personal Success, which correlates to the nine key employment readiness factors assessed by the Employment Readiness Scale™. Using ERS, facilitators can easily assign SkillBott™ courseware to learners to address their individual needs identified by the ERS assessment results.

Based on an internationally-validated employment readiness model, the ERS provides added assurance clients will succeed.


Employment Readiness Model

The Employment Readiness Scale is available in English, French and Spanish.


Research shows that just being self-sufficient in the five employability dimensions is not enough. Most people face a number of barriers or challenges that act as stressors and can be incapacitating if not managed well. Those facing significant challenges without assistance in handling them are likely to fail at work even if they are successful in getting a job. For these clients, strong soft skills are critically important. 


For more information on the Employment Readiness Scale, visit www.employmentreadiness.info


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Employment Readiness Scale

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